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Roto Polymers’ Rotomolding Resins are Classified into Five Main Products

Each one of these products is uniquely formulated to have specific properties and characteristics that fit an assortment of end applications. 

All of them can be customized and compounded to suit each customer's needs.

 The following is a breakdown of the Roto Polymers product line, complete with typical characteristics for each product.


Rotolene is a hexene copolymer linear medium density polyethylene recommended for general purpose applications and products which require excellent mechanical properties. When used for inner layers, Rotolene provides a smooth finish and texture. Rotolene is available in natural and color powder and is a fully UV8 stabilized resin.



Rotolene High Flow is a hexene copolymer linear medium density polyethylene specifically designed for applications requiring exceptional processability and aesthetics. 

Rotolene High Flow is fully heat and UV8 stabilized and is ideal for toys, general purpose custom molding, marine products, and indoor consumer articles with a high level of detail. Its low viscosity makes High Flow perfect for complex parts and provides outstanding impact strength and stress crack resistance. This product is available in natural and color powder.

Rotelene High Flow(PDF)


Rotolene Industrial is a hexene copolymer linear medium density polyethylene recommended for large, stronger parts and applications. Products made from Rotolene Industrial include industrial tanks, large cisterns, agricultural tanks, chemical tanks and applications requiring rigidity and excellent chemical resistance.

Molded parts exhibit a smooth surface finish. Rotolene Industrial is available in natural and color powder and is a fully UV8 stabilized resin.

Rotelene Industrial(PDF)


Rotolene HD is a hexene copolymer high density polyethylene designed for products requiring superb processability and aesthetics, low warpage and good mechanical properties. Rotolene HD is fully heat and UV12 stabilized for large agricultural tanks, intermediate bulk containers, potable water, chemical tanks and industrial products.

Rotolene HD is available in natural, black and several powdered colors.

Rotelene HD(PDF)

BLACK commodity 

Black Commodity is a linear copolymer medium density polyethylene. It is highly consistent and has great mechanical properties, heat resistance, zero internal bubble, and a homogeneous molecular structure. It is typically used to produce parts that require lower cost and great quality, such as tanks and trash containers.

We carefully choose the materials we reprocess to make a high quality Recycled resin. This  formula has the advantages of being low-cost and eco-friendly, while maintaining the consistent properties that other recycled products lack. It is available in black powder and is fully UV8 stabilized.

Rotolene Black Commodity(PDF)


2XH is a specialized formula designed to combine good flow and stiffness, for detailed parts that require low warpage. Although its mechanical properties make it ideal for marine applications, its wide processing window makes it easy to work with and suitable for several kinds of product. 

2XH is available both as natural powder or color compound and is  UV16 stabilized.

Rotolene 2XH(PDF)