About Us

Roto Polymers is an innovative leader in the rotomolding industry. Since 2012 we’ve positioned ourselves as a top supplier of high quality natural resins and a manufacturer of first-rate color compounds used in several types of industrial and commercial applications. In fact, we are one of the largest rotomolding resin suppliers and color compound manufacturers in the world, producing a volume of over 200 million pounds per year.

Serving over 30 countries, Roto Polymers has created global industry partnerships by offering world-class quality resins at internationally competitive prices. We take pride in making good quality color compounds and supplying quality natural resins at unbeatable prices.

Quality Polymers

The quality of Roto Polymers’ rotomolding resins meets and exceeds industry standards. Our resins are UL Certified, tested and meet all recognized standards.

Roto Polymers Advantages

• Large inventories for shorter lead times
• Color matching
• Consignment programs
• Bulk or packaged to customers' needs
• Best pricing in the industry

Rotomolding Applications

Roto Polymers manufactures compounds and supplies resins that are used by customers to produce an assortment of end applications.

• Industrial tanks
• Large cisterns
• Agricultural tanks
• Chemical tanks
• Bulk containers
• Water tanks
• Marine parts
• Coolers
• General purpose custom molding
• Hot tubs
• Trash containers
• Outdoor chairs
• Kayaks
• Outdoor playhouses, slides & swing sets


Roto Polymers has a network of production facilities, offices and logistics centers that make up our top-of-the-line infrastructure designed to deliver top quality rotomolding resins world-wide.

Plant 1

Produces a full line of black compounds engineered for a broad spectrum of customer needs and applications.

Plant 3

Dedicated to the pulverization of natural resins. Fully automated to maximize quality and efficiency in powdered resins.

Rotomolding Training Center

Offers rotomolding product and process training for all Roto Polymers clients and personnel.

Distribution Center and Warehouse

Stocked with resins at all times ready to be shipped to our customers.

Plant 2

Produces the highest quality of specialty color compounds.

Plant 4

Dedicated to recycling all possible materials from production to assure that the manufacturing plants are producing at maximum efficiency. The plant also receives all of the materials they use in production before it is distributed to the appropriate plants. This is done to assure optimum quality for all of Roto Polymers products.

Rotomolding Research and Development Center

All new rotomolded products and color matching are engineered and tested here prior to product launch.

Proprietary Railroad Spur

Provides a direct connection with primary petrochemical plants in North America. This allows us to manage high volumes of chemical grade powder resins and offer an instantaneous response to our customers’ needs.